Embrace Comfort in Diversity

Some brands are born to fill market gaps, but Boltoo was founded to fill the void in the soul. Our founder, a plus-size woman, faced challenges in finding lingerie that embraced her curves. The products on the market seemed to be designed for those with symmetrical bodies, lacking understanding and respect for different body types. This resonance led Boltoo to become not just a brand, but a movement, challenging traditions and championing inclusive beauty.

Founder’s Revelation

As a plus-size girl, Boltoo’s founder knew the difficulties of finding well-fitting lingerie. Faced with limited sizes and styles in the market, she experienced exclusion. These experiences ignited her entrepreneurial dream, and she decided to create a brand that could provide comfortable, stretchy, high-quality, and diverse intimate apparel for everyone.

Boltoo’s Vision

Boltoo is committed to creating a world that welcomes everyone. Whether you are a child, elderly, overweight, curvy, thin, or have experienced body-altering surgeries, Boltoo believes that everyone has the right to wear comfortable and beautiful intimate apparel. Our product design revolves around diversity and inclusivity, with every size and shape being a reference for our designs.

Core Values of Our Products

At Boltoo, we value more than just wide-ranging sizes. The design of each product considers the wearer’s comfort and confidence. We use high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship to ensure that our garments have great elasticity are durable and can accompany you through every moment of life.

Cross-Gender Product Line

Boltoo’s product line covers the needs of both men and women. We believe that comfort should not have gender boundaries. Everyone deserves to enjoy intimate apparel tailored to their own body, which is the purpose of Boltoo’s existence and the driving force behind our continuous innovation and improvement.


Boltoo is not just a brand; it is a creed, a promise, and a community that firmly believes that everybody deserves to be celebrated and respected. From the founder’s personal experiences to everyone wearing Boltoo garments, we are all delivering the same message: No matter how your body changes, Boltoo stands with you, providing comfort, support, and endless love.

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