What Makes Men’s Beach Shorts the Perfect Combination of Fashion and Comfort for the Seaside Summer?

Summer is the season for the beach, a place many yearn for at this time of year. Sunshine, beaches, and waves compose the most enchanting scenery of the summer. For men, a suitable pair of beach shorts not only enhances their sense of style but also brings unparalleled comfort. This article will delve into the types of men’s beach shorts, tips for choosing the right pair, and styling recommendations to help you effortlessly become the fashion focus on the beach this summer.

 men's beach shorts

Types of Men’s Beach Shorts

Men’s beach shorts can be roughly divided into the following categories based on design and function:

  • Classic Shorts: These beach shorts usually extend above the knee with a simple design suitable for most male body types. Typically made from quick-drying materials, they are perfect for a stroll or rest on the beach after swimming.
  • Loose Boardshorts: A product of surf culture, boardshorts are characterized by their relaxed fit and wide leg openings, often adorned with Hawaiian-inspired prints, making them ideal for surfing and casual beach occasions.
  • Long Pants: While not traditionally beach shorts, long pants can be a great choice for cooler summer nights or situations where protection from sunburn is needed for the legs.

How to Choose the Right Beach Shorts

Selecting the right pair of beach shorts involves considering style and the following aspects:

  • Material: Prefer quick-drying and breathable materials such as nylon or polyester, which can dry quickly after swimming, enhancing comfort.
  • Size and Fit: Beach shorts should neither be too tight nor too loose. Choose the right size and fit that suits your body type to achieve the best wearing effect.
  • Color and Pattern: Summer is a season of vibrant colors. The colors and patterns of beach shorts should be rich and varied. Choose those that best suit your personal taste and skin tone.

Beach Shorts Styling Tips

Correctly matching beach shorts can make you stand out on the beach:

  • Top Choice: Simple T-shirts or linen shirts are good choices, as they can create a casual look with beach shorts without losing a sense of fashion.
  • Footwear Matching: Beach shoes or slippers are the most suitable choices. They fit the casual atmosphere of the beach and are convenient for putting on and taking off after swimming.
  • Accessories: A stylish sun hat, a pair of cool sunglasses, or some simple bracelets can add a lot of points to your beach style.


This summer, whether it’s a beach vacation or a weekend seaside gathering, a suitable pair of beach shorts will be an indispensable fashion item for you. With the introduction above, you should now understand how to choose and match beach shorts. Hopefully, you can find your own style this summer and enjoy every beautiful moment on the beach.

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